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There's nothing better than the heart racing thrill of a win at the track.

Watching a winning horse pass the finish line. Seeing a fighting-fit greyhound bolt past its competitors at the last second. Knowing a reward is coming for your lucky streak.

That's the magic of TopSport. We're all about that winning feeling.

TopSport is Australia's home of safe online betting and we've developed a live, accurate schedule of upcoming racing events to keep racing enthusiasts up to date and actioned to win.

We collect upcoming racing information from all over Australia. From horse racing to harness racing and the greyhounds, we've got it all. Find your race, discover the odds, and bet online with TopSport.

Reputable Australian horse, harness, and greyhound racing odds

At TopSport, we want our customers to feel confident with their bets - so we provide top betting odds for horse, harness, and greyhound racing throughout Australia.

We base our odds on the race's favourite competitor, the competitor's past performance, the number of bets placed on each competitor, and the horse's chance of winning. No matter the race, no matter the competitor - our odds are Tops!

Bet with confidence. Bet based on the odds. Bet online with TopSport.

Betting on an upcoming racing event with TopSport

Placing bets on upcoming racing events is simple with TopSport. Just follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Become a member of TopSport (or log in)
  2. Download our app for up-to-date betting on the go
  3. Find your event of choice (or date)
  4. Pick the horse, jockey, or greyhound you want to bet on
  5. Enter the stake and make your bets
  6. Make sure to watch the race to find out if you won
  7. We'll transfer the winnings to your chosen payment option asap

Bet on one competitor or choose a multi-bet - the opportunities are endless. You can make large bets without the fear of having your account squeezed or terminated - we're about that winning feeling and all about fairness.

Your next win could be just around the corner. Review the odds online now and bet ahead of time with TopSport's upcoming races!

Discover the odds. Download our app. Place your bets on upcoming racing and sporting events with TopSport.


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